Why Steritech?

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Breakthrough technology

When we look back at our most successful clients, each seemed to have a key advantage driving their continued growth — the intelligent gathering and use of key data. That's why Steritech has made an unprecedented investment in rolling out OnBrand360® — a breakthrough assessment technology and reporting platform designed to equip stakeholders with the knowledge they need to evaluate and chart unique plans for success.

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OnBrand360® and data-driven solutions

This proprietary software is unique in that it connects our Specialists directly with the data you see on screen. Our Specialists utilize a software interface in the field that supports complex forms, conditional questions, scoring, validation and more.

It's designed for less screen time and more face time, giving the Specialist on site the ability to engage more frequently with employees and to build a culture of learning, consultation, improvement and adherence to brand standards.

OnBrand360® helps clients consistently and confidently deliver on their brand promises by being:

  1. Quick to update - By placing the power of building forms directly in the hands of our Institute team, we can quickly respond to program update requests from our clients. 
  2. Designed for mobile - The upgraded user interface for our Specialists is designed around user experience and navigation, allowing our Specialists to quickly be able to find the information that they are looking for during your assessment. Our Specialists are now heads up, focusing on your brand, and no longer distracted by a cumbersome user interface. 
  3. Built for location leaders - We reorganized our Back Office Support System, so that our team can quickly meet client needs whether it is implementing a new program or adjusting data access. With the power directly in the hands of the business, they no longer need to wait for assistance from IT. 
  4. Scalable - OnBrand360® is built with adaptation to change in mind. Our platform uses a robust and accessible code language and agile architecture that allows us to deliver new functionality quickly. 
  5. Usable - With the upgraded OnBrand360® we built a cleaner, more modern user interface that is easy to navigate and use. Clients can quickly get to the data that they need without having to dig through confusing menus. Each data element collected during an assessment is reportable making root cause analysis easier than ever. 
  6. Secure - Security at Steritech is essential. Field iPads are monitored by a Mobile Device Management System, data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and locally stored assessment data is limited to current workload of the logged in user.

Next steps for your brand

At Steritech, our goal is to provide you with an assessment program or consulting project that enhances your business, mitigates risk, and drives growth through improved performance, guest traffic, and same store sales.