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Convenience Stores

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Convenience Stores

Your fast-paced stores are always at the ready to serve customers. You want to provide them with the high-quality products they need in the safest possible manner. Steritech can help. Our range of services includes Customer Experience, Food Safety, Operational Excellence, and Workplace Safety and audits, all designed to help you meet the demands of on-the-go consumers.

With Steritech's proprietary compliance management system, OnBrand360®, you'll gain insights, identify trends, and determine root causes. It's a powerful tool to enhance compliance and create actionable information that gives you visibility and active managerial control. The complete reporting suite allows you to track trends, and produce customized documentation to meet health department requirements or your own internal standards.

Food Safety For Convenience Stores

Convenience stores have become a one-stop shopping destination for on-the-go consumers. Since fresh products and prepared food are a new domain for many convenience stores, how you deliver in these areas is critical to helping consumers choose your stores in an increasingly crowded competitive market. One slip in food safety could spell big trouble for your brand — are you sure that every one of your locations is adhering to acceptable standards and criteria?

With Steritech's food safety assessment program, you can ensure that your stores' processes are supporting food safety, and that products are served safely to your customers each and every time. Beginning with baseline audit criteria based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Model Food Code and augmented by Steritech's nearly two decades of food safety expertise, our food safety assessments address key areas from receiving to holding and food preparation.

What's more, the Steritech specialists who conduct these assessments are industry and brand experts, trained to help your employees learn and adopt food safety practices that may be new to them. With our 6:1 positive reinforcement model, your staff members understand that Steritech is a partner there to help them improve their performance.

Operational Excellence for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are evolving to meet the needs of a wide array of on-the-go consumers: the busy mom who's fueling up and providing a snack for her kids, the construction worker on a work break, and the dash-and-dine millennial grabbing dinner between appointments. Each of these types of consumers has a different set of expectations and needs — and your stores need to meet them all.

With a Steritech operational excellence assessment program, you can elevate their shopping experiences by measuring and assessing areas such as cleanliness, displays, staff hospitality, availability of products, and more.

Steritech's operational assessment programs review and measure performance based on regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and your own brand standards to give you a complete picture of the state of your operations.

Workplace Safety For Convenience Stores

There's nothing more important than the health and safety of your employees. Ensure that your stores are fostering a safe work environment with Steritech's Workplace Safety audit, a comprehensive review of the most common physical and environmental safety issues, as well as safety documentation and training practices.

Steritech's audit is based on requirements of the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as industry best practices and your own safety practices, to give you an objective assessment of conditions in your stores. Further, with Steritech's proprietary compliance management software, OnBrand360®, you'll have full closed-loop corrective action functionality and access to a range of reports that can satisfy all regulatory and insurance safety compliance needs. It's a smart system to help you provide the best possible workplace for your most valuable asset – your employees.

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