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Critical Food Safety Check

In a time when the public's perception of the foodservice industry is more prevalent than ever, protecting our clients’ brands is one of Steritech’s main goals. We are proud to offer a new convenient, priority-focused assessment option to help your business maintain food safety standards. The Critical Food Safety Check service will help your business deliver the safest and highest quality service to your customers during this unprecedented day and age.

Critical Food Safety Check: Virtual or in-person service

The Critical Food Safety Check helps foodservice operators maintain the top critical food safety standards and mitigate risk, and is offered as a modified version of Steritech’s standard food safety assessment.

From handwashing to food temperature practices, this efficient assessment focuses on the fundamental food safety factors, adding a level of support to employees as they work under a new set of challenges and pressures.

Key features of this service include:

  • Unscored service to assist and partner with you as business carries on
  • A focus on upholding critical food safety standards
  • Assurance to your staff and customers that their safety is your biggest concern

Virtual service option

The virtual version of the Critical Food Safety Check provides your operators with the opportunity to navigate food safety and safe service throughout the COVID-19 crisis, without the need for an auditor to physically visit the location. A Steritech Specialist will be able to guide the food service professional through the Critical Food Safety Check via the app on a mobile phone or tablet. Through video, the Specialist will help evaluate line items and make recommendations for your business.

Industries we serve

Steritech’s new services are highly recommended for the following business sectors:

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