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Grocery and supermarkets

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Grocery and supermarkets

More than any other industry, grocery stores and supermarkets are at the forefront with consumers. Ensuring that your stores stock and produce safe, quality food is your top priority. With Steritech on your side, you can fulfill that mission.

Ensure your operations are realizing your brand vision and that your staff and customers are safe with Steritech's Customer Experience, Brand Performance, Food Safety, Operational Excellence, and Workplace Safety audits.

Using our sophisticated compliance management software, OnBrand360®, our grocery experts will gauge performance in your establishments against your customized standards and best practices benchmarks, giving you a comprehensive view of how you're measuring up to that critical mission of providing safe, quality food to your customers.

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Food safety for grocery and supermarkets

Unlike customers of just ten years ago, today's on-the-go consumers visit grocery stores with a wide variety of needs in mind. Your stores have adapted to fit this model, implementing fresh and prepared foods departments, stocking a wide variety of foods, and even implementing in-store dining outlets.

Just one negative experience can keep customers away from your stores and impact your bottom line. With Steritech, you have a partner to implement a food safety assessment program that ensures all of your locations are doing all they can to protect food safety.

Beginning with baseline audit criteria based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Model Food Code and augmented by over two decades of food safety expertise, our food safety assessments address key areas from receiving to holding and food preparation across your stores — from deli to bakery, seafood and meat to produce and frozen foods.

The Steritech Specialists conducting these assessments are industry and brand experts, trained to help your employees learn and adopt food safety practices. With our 6:1 positive reinforcement model, your staff members understand that Steritech is a partner there to help them improve their performance.

COVID-19 safety assessments

In a time of widespread closures caused by the global pandemic, grocery stores and supermarkets have remained open as essential businesses in every community. Keeping employees and shoppers healthy and safe while inside your store should be your most important consideration.

Most businesses are now required to have a plan in place for how they will protect patrons shopping inside their stores. With Steritech’s COVID-19 Protocol Check, you get the peace of mind that all of your store locations are taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

We base our assessment on the unique protocols developed by your store including wellness policies, social distancing measures, and frequent touchpoints. After our Specialists conduct the assessment, they will coach staff on proper health and safety procedures.

Workplace safety for grocery and supermarkets

There's nothing more important than the health and safety of your employees. Ensure that your stores are fostering a safe work environment with Steritech's Workplace Safety audit, a comprehensive review of the most common physical and environmental safety issues, as well as safety documentation and training practices.

Steritech's audit is based on requirements of the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as industry best practices and your own safety practices, to give you an objective assessment of conditions in your operations. Further, with Steritech's proprietary compliance management software, OnBrand360®, you'll have full closed-loop corrective action functionality and access to a range of reports that can satisfy all regulatory and insurance safety compliance needs. It's a smart system to help you provide the best possible workplace for your most valuable asset – your employees.

Construction and Remodel Assessments

With other stores forced to shut down operations due to lack of business during the pandemic, grocery stores and supermarkets have remained open and have even seen a great increase in revenue over the past year.

Opening new store locations and remodels of existing ones requires a great amount of time and money to make sure these projects meet your brand’s expectations. Steritech’s Construction and Remodel Assessments can ensure that happens and reduce your development team expenses by up to 70 percent. 

Utilizing Steritech’s calibrated workforce to perform on-site visits, you can verify that your builds are aligned with your store’s brand standards through high-quality photographs, keeping costs in order and minimizing the need for travel.

Operational excellence for grocery and supermarkets

According to the Food Marketing Institute, as the way we consume food evolves, consumers are increasingly looking to their primary grocery stores to help them provide "healthier, more satisfying eating for home meal occasions."

Consumers are making the decision on where to shop based on their previous experiences with a location or brand. Cement your stores as a consumer choice with a Steritech operational excellence assessment program, a detailed evaluation that measures how your operations are performing in areas of product availability, cleanliness, display, freshness, and associate hospitality.

Steritech's operational assessment programs review and measure performance based on regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and your own brand standards to give you a complete picture of the state of your operations.

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