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Improving customer dining experience

Today’s diners have more choices than ever before – and they’re often forming an opinion about your location before ever visiting. In this infographic, learn how customer experience is feeding your potential customers’ dining choices and how it impacts your bottom line. Click here for a PDF version of this information

According to the National Restaurant Association, only 34% of quick service and 37% of fast causal operators see bringing back repeat customers as a challenge this year. However, research increasingly shows that when selecting a limited service restaurant, consumers want a 360-degree experience. Food quality reigns supreme, but when delivered poorly, it leaves a bad taste that keeps customers from coming back. Competition is stiffer than ever before – if your restaurants aren’t executing on the experience your customers expect, they WILL choose another option – and that can have long-lasting impacts on your brand. This infographic shines a light on the growing importance of brand experience on your bottom line

Bad customer experiences facts

  • 54% People likely to share bad customer service experiences on social media
  • 5% POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS GO ONLINE BEFORE VISITING YOUR LOCATIONS Diners that report information on a peer review site will influence their restaurant decision
  • 34% 18-34 year olds who say online reviews factor into dining decision
  • 53% HOW EXPERIENCE IMPACTS YOUR BOTTOM LINE Diners who are willing to serve as “brand ambassadors” for their favorite restaurants
  • 42% Diners who spend less than 1/4 of their total monthly restaurant budget at their favorite restaurants
  • 3% Increase in business during peak dining hours for restaurants that have a half-star improvement in ratings on Yelp
  • 19% The average additional sales over 3 years that a fast food restaurant chain can realize for a “moderate” improvement in customer experience

The top factors that bring customers back

Quick Service Restaurants

  1. Food Taste
  2. Location
  3. Value of Money
  4. Prior Experience
  5. Service Speed

Fast Casual Restaurant

  1. Food Taste
  2. Prior Experience
  3. Location
  4. Value of Money
  5. Service Speed

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