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Quick service restaurants

2018's Most Commonly Cited Food Safety Issues

The quick service restaurant segment is growing more competitive than ever as brands strive for the attention of the value-minded consumer. But all this is occurring alongside a significant upward shift in diner expectations. Customers want good value for their dollar, but they also demand more from their dining experience — from bold new menu items, to improved speed of service and more.

As restaurants race to satisfy growing consumer demand, location-level employees are expected to learn and adapt quickly to whatever new experiences they're asked to serve up. Combine that growth with the high-pressure, high-turnover work environments found in many QSR locations, and brands can be left with a recipe for increased food safety risk. Help ensure your locations aren't cutting corners in food safety by keeping the following most commonly observed food safety challenges in mind.

2018 Quick Service Restaurant Data
To determine the most commonly observed food safety challenges for the quick service restaurant segment, Steritech examined data from more than 14,500 assessments it conducted at QSR locations from January 2018 to June 2018.

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2018 Top 10 Food Safety Challenges - QSR

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