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Critical steps to take in a foodborne illness crisis

To help guide restaurants and other establishments with foodservice operations through a potential foodborne illness crisis, Steritech has developed an infographic to guide facilities through 4 critical steps in a foodborne illness crisis, as well as a Foodborne Illness Crisis Guide.

This comprehensive guide walks a facility through 4 critical steps in a potential foodborne illness crisis, including completion of foodborne illness reports with suggested information to gather.

To download the Steritech Foodborne Illness Crisis Guide in PDF form, click here.

Collect information

Dates of the reported illness, symptoms, names of those who are ill and contact information, and foods that were consumed are just some of the information you will need to gather. Having a pre-established form to guide collection of this information is a must.

Prepare for health dept. visit

It is important to have information ready for a health department investigation, including customer count and menu mix for the day of the incident. Also have preparation information, any reported employee illnesses, along with range of food safety and procedural information.

Verify food safety systems

Following a potential foodborne illness incident, a review of food safety systems is essential. This may include, but is not limited to, calibrating testing thermometers, documenting hot and cold holding temperatures, inspecting coolers and freezers, and reviewing previous health inspection reports

Know who to contact

Every organization should have a pre-determined list of key contacts for foodborne illness events. This should include corporate quality assurance and risk management teams, public relations personnel, the local health department, among others.

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