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Say No to Norovirus printable poster

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in norovirus outbreaks where investigators were able to identify the source, 70% were caused by infected food workers. It is imperative that your employees understand the risks norovirus can pose – and how to reduce them. This printable poster reminds employees of important must-know facts about norovirus and things they can do to reduce your establishment’s risk.

Download and Print Say No To Norovirus Poster.

infographic with facts about norovirus

Norovirus prevention tips

  • In source-identified norovirus outbreaks, 70% are caused by INFECTED FOOD HANDLERS.

  • Norovirus can live on hard surfaces for up to 2 WEEKS.

  • NO BARE HANDS when working with ready-to-eat foods. Use gloves, tongs or deli paper.

  • If you're sick, DO NOT WORK. Norovirus is highly contagious.

  • Do not serve UNDER COOKED SHELLFISH such as oysters without a consumer advisory.

  • An IMPORTANT STEP to prevent the spread of norovirus is to properly WASH YOUR HANDS often. How long is enough? Sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 TIMES while scrubbing!

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