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For over 35 years, Steritech has been an industry leader and pioneer in providing assessment and consulting solutions that mitigate risk, drive operational consistency, and help businesses accelerate growth. Steritech was honored to join the Rentokil family of brands in 2015, further supporting the collective mission to protect people and enhance lives. Since then, we have continued to expand the Steritech footprint across North America through our ongoing acquisition ventures. 

With roots in the food service industry, Steritech has significant expertise in providing food safety and operational assessments for restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels, healthcare facilities and more.

Our unique approach

Our team of over 400 Specialists throughout the United States and Canada are trained to understand and assess your brand’s specific standards – working with you to design, develop, and implement programs that integrate seamlessly with your organization's key strategic initiatives. These in-field Specialists are supported by a team of experts who provide continual education, advancement, technical expertise, and resources that drive program excellence.

Throughout Steritech assessments, our Specialists provide an objective, positive experience, while also taking time to educate your team on the "how" and "why" behind the standards your locations have in place. At the end of each assessment, we highlight what's being done well and where there's room for growth. We’ll then partner with you to make policy and process adjustments to promote meaningful improvement and actionable insights for all of your locations.



Steritech’s OPTIX360™ approach ensures all of your business locations are meeting your brand standards, providing a 360-view of every location.

How the OPTIX360™ approach can transform your business:

  • Promote brand loyalty and trust with consistent experiences
  • Focus your team on high-value projects vs. data gathering
  • Reduce travel, labor, and administrative costs
  • Increase location-level or franchisee engagement
  • Easy-access, closed-loop corrective action process

Dynamic Deployment

Beyond traditional round spread and re-assessments, our Dynamic Deployment model redistributes resources to focus on your low and average locations.

Traditional audit programs designate the same number of audits for every location. But not all operations perform equally. Audit scores typically fall along a bell curve: a mountain of average locations sandwiched by a few struggling locations and a handful of high-achievers. Our highly skilled Logistics Team strategically allocates assessments to maximize effectiveness, providing the help struggling locations need.

Discover our core foundational principles created to help your brand implement a successful food safety program.


As Steritech’s proprietary customer portal, OnBrand360® is a one-stop shop for your team to easily track location performance. Beyond seeing results, this data powerhouse makes big data digestible and actionable, ultimately resulting in improvements to your bottom line. The portal’s comprehensive reporting suite offers 21 standard reports so that your teams have the information they need to enhance performance.

Now, with Steritech’s OnBrand360® Performance Packages, your brand can get more out of our already powerful assessment data portal with just a few clicks. Choose from three Performance Package levels to supercharge your culture of excellence with deeper reporting, enhanced insights and benchmarking, recognition certificates, customizations, and training tools available in the OnBrand360® Knowledge Center.

Learn more about Steritech’s OnBrand360® Performance Packages here.

We are always on the lookout for ways to expand our team. Check out our careers section to discover exciting career opportunities at Steritech!

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