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A consistent, optimal experience is critical to customer satisfaction. When customers feel valued by the brands with whom they interact, companies receive measurable results for their business. Steritech’s Self-Assessment platform allows you to empower your location-level teams with the tools they need to meet your operational, service, and customer experience vision. 

Food safety compliance scores are often influenced by the frequency and thoroughness of daily and weekly monitoring. When used in conjunction with Steritech assessment programs, our Self-Assessment platform has been shown to significantly improve assessment scores and help cost-effectively maintain brand food safety standards across all your locations. With our powerful technology, your employees can easily learn what processes are important to your business and build the muscle memory to execute them.

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The benefits of Self-Assessments for your business

Empower each of your locations to maintain your expected levels of operational and service excellence by tapping into the same tools that Steritech uses to conduct industry-leading assessments. With Self-Assessments you can:

  • Increase individual location formal assessment scores by as much as 26%.¹
  • Access organizational trends and robust reporting on any device through OnBrand360®.
  • Empower locations to implement their own closed-loop corrective action processes.

Steritech’s Self-Assessment technology allows your team to validate their alignment with brand standards, along with operational and safety procedures on their own time.

How self-assessments work

Steritech’s Self-Assessment process enables staff to easily conduct assessments, address compliance issues, and utilize the collected data to drive continuous improvement and ensure brand standards are met. Here's a step-by-step overview of how self-assessments work to maintain and enhance your food safety standards:

  1. Your Steritech representative will work with you to recommend and design your organization’s Self-Assessment form(s).
  2. On a smartphone, tablet, or computer, a designated location staff member logs into Steritech’s OnBrand360® customer portal and accesses the Self-Assessment forms.
  3. The staff member conducts the Self-Assessment by walking through the location and completing the form.
  4. If a line item is marked as out of compliance with a brand standard, it may generate a corrective action plan process to help the location improve.
  5. Once completed, the Self-Assessment data is automatically uploaded to OnBrand360®, where it is leveraged to identify trends, insights, and recommendations.

Interested in Self-Assessments for your business? Learn more about how you can improve your business’ food safety assessment score by calling us at 1-800-868-0089 or contacting us online.


¹According to a study conducted by Steritech from 2022-2024.


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