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HACCP planning and training for businesses

In today's global marketplace, implementing a successful Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program is one of the most important steps to ensuring product safety and effective hazard management principles. Settling for do-it-yourself options won’t cut it, and could leave your locations exposed to dangerous and unforeseen risks.

Luckily Steritech's professionals have firsthand, practical experience designing HACCP Programs for a wide range of industries. Our experts can develop an HACCP plan for a brand’s full menu or for specialized processes.

What to expect

To develop an HACCP program for your brand, a Steritech consultant will:

  1. Perform a gap analysis on the prerequisite programs needed to support a HACCP plan. This may include Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures, supplier approval process, pest prevention, employee training, and more. We will also provide guidance on how to close any gaps. 
  2. Identify any specialized processes that may require a regulatory variance. We will guide you through the regulatory approval process.
  3. Perform a hazard analysis of your food preparation processes. This includes identifying any biological, chemical or physical hazards.
  4. Identify critical control points in order to develop monitoring processes, corrective action steps, and documentation to ensure food safety.
  5. Create a custom HACCP plan for your operation using the process outlined by the FDA.
  6. Develop logs and support documents to manage the HACCP plan.
  7. Provide support for training and rollout of the HACCP plan across your organization.

The HACCP plan and supporting documents will be provided in an electronic format so that they can be updated as your program continues to change and grow.

Does your organization require an HACCP plan?

If your team is required to implement an HACCP plan, your needs might be a little different from those organizations in which HACCP is added proactively. Rest assured that all HACCP programs developed by our experts will be crafted to comply with any and all applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines.

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