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Facilities maintenance assessments

Multi-location restaurants, retail stores, hotels, convenience stores, and automotive centers often encounter many facility challenges. Structural age, staffing shortages, franchise ownership, and budgeting restrictions can lead to disrepair, health and safety hazards, and an inconsistent brand experience. Furthermore, brands that put off these issues will also deal with overall quality and service concerns.

With Steritech’s facilities maintenance assessments, you can make sure that your facilities and grounds are enhancing – not detracting from – your brand image. Our specialists will review and document structural condition, equipment, parking lots, signage, landscaping, and more.

Realize these benefits for your business:

  • Improve customer experience scores at brick-and-mortar locations
  • Identify common materials, equipment, and vendor issues
  • Build a library of data on facility specifications, layout, and equipment for use across your organization
  • Strengthen franchisee relationships with budgeting and capital expenditure planning
  • Reduce operational risk with closed-loop corrective actions

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The assessment process

Today’s hyper-vigilant consumers often look beyond your logo to make decisions on health, safety, and quality. If one of your locations is perceived to be unsafe or dirty, consumers are quick to notice, stop visiting and report - via social media or online review - their experience.

Conducted in a positive, consultative manner, our detailed assessments are designed to put your locations at ease while providing an objective 360-degree view of your facilities so that you can address and prioritize concerns.

  • 1. A highly-trained Specialist will arrive at your site and introduce themselves to a manager-on-duty. Assessments may be announced or unannounced.

  • 2. The Specialist will walk with the manager through the location, narrating the assessment and documenting any issues with photographs.

  • 3. The Specialist will debrief with the manager at the close of the assessment, then upload the report and any photos to Steritech’s OnBrand360® client portal and reporting platform.

  • 4. Location-level staff log in to OnBrand360® to document corrective actions and close the loop.

Industries we serve

Steritech provides food safety assessments for the following industries:

Today's savvy consumers require more than just great-tasting food to keep them coming back. With Steritech as your partner, you can deliver a safe, consistent customer experience every time.

Grocery and convenience stores are at the forefront with consumers. Producing safe, quality food is your top priority. Create an elevated shopping experience with Steritech.

After years of building the loyalty of your guests and customers, enhance that relationship with our services that address key areas of customer experience in this unique industry.

Stores that deliver on their promises win customer loyalty. With Steritech you can deliver your ideal brand experience with services that help you reach operational excellence and profitability.

Steritech provides services tailored to government and educational institutions. Our solutions help you stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your staff and patrons.

Safe, healing environments that reflect the highest quality of care are vital to patients, families, and staff. Our team has healthcare experts who can help you deliver an ideal patient experience at your facilities.

Don’t let your brand’s customer experience be negatively impacted by unnoticed facility issues, call us today at 1-800-868-0089 to speak to a Steritech expert.

Construction, Remodel and Branding Photo Assessments

Ensure your projects are meeting your brand and customer expectations through our trusted photo assessments.

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