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Steritech has more than 35 years of experience in designing services that help you deliver your ideal brand experience every time, everywhere.

Our broad range of assessment and consulting services close gaps in your business and create customer experiences that drive growth, promote loyalty and trust, protect people, and reduce risk. Working as partners, we strive to deliver measurable and meaningful improvements in performance across all of your locations.

Brand standards services

Delivering on your brand promises has tangible impacts for your business. Businesses that consistently provide exceptional brand experiences can create loyal customers, significantly increasing your intent-to-return and same-store sales rates. Through Steritech’s brand standards services, we partner with you to elevate the experience at your brick-and-mortar locations, in your online presence, or at customer end-points by assessing a wide range of touchpoints.

The services we provide in this sector include:


Health and safety services

Reducing risk at all of your brand’s locations can provide savings across the board, reducing insurance costs, medical expenses, and legal fees. Steritech’s health and safety services give you the tools, insights, and data you need to run safer, smarter operations that protect both your employees and your customers. From food and workplace safety to health inspection report management, our teams can help you safeguard your operations with a variety of solutions and products.

The services we provide in this sector include:


Facilities services

Reduce your facilities team’s travel and labor costs with Steritech’s trusted facilities services. Our team of skilled Specialists can perform routine site visits to your locations and ensure your physical structures, equipment, and assets are meeting your brand and customer expectations - freeing up your team to focus on your more critical tasks.

The services we provide in this sector include:


Consulting services

With Steritech’s consulting services, you can outsource the creation of foundational materials and/or complete the special projects necessary to meet your business goals. Our multifaceted team of consulting experts provide expertise and guidance across a broad range of standards and regulatory aspects of business today, supplying the manpower and know-how needed for research, development, and implementation.

The services we provide in this sector include:


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If you’re seeking improvement at your brand’s locations, but you’re not confident you know exactly what your needs may be, one of our program design consultants would be happy to connect with you. Our team will take the time to make sure we listen to all relevant stakeholders. We'll document their needs and help you come up with a plan that supports the growth of your brand and business.

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