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Steritech facilities services

The state of your facilities and grounds can either detract from or enhance your brand image. With Steritech’s facilities services and calibrated workforce, you can slash your facilities team’s travel and labor costs by up to 70%. They can perform routine site visits and ensure your physical structures, materials, equipment, and assets are meeting your brand and customer expectations while freeing up your teams to focus on more critical tasks. Whether you are in the middle of construction for a new location construction, starting a remodel, or changing ownership of a franchise location, our facilities maintenance services can assist your brand at every step.

Facilities services for commercial businesses

Steritech provides a range of facilities services including:

Using our in-market resources, Steritech’s highly-trained quality Specialists are able to capture photos of your development projects at any phase. This valuable offering substantially reduces your costs and allows you to review the photos to confirm that each site is meeting your project requirements.

To customers and employees, your facility is a reflection of your brand. Our facilities maintenance assessments help you identify common materials, equipment, and vendor issues by giving you an objective 360-degree view of your facilities through the eyes of an expert Steritech Specialist.

Additional facilities services

Pre-sale/transfer franchisee inspections

When a consumer is buying a house, an inspection is typically required to allow a professional assessor to identify any potential hidden issues/costs associated with the location. When changing ownership of a franchise location, either to an existing franchisee or a new franchisee, it is important to offer the buyer a similar location inspection. Steritech assists in this effort by conducting a full facilities evaluation to verify the condition of equipment and property, along with food safety and operational checks, to ensure your new owners know exactly what they are buying.

Special studies

Steritech provides a variety of special studies including menu innovation, product/packaging tests, limited-time offers, and marketing/point-of-purchase materials. This enables you to weigh the costs and benefits of introducing a new item or service, make adjustments, and set pricing before an official launch.

Health and safety services

Our health and safety services give you the tools, insights, and data you need to protect both your people and your brand.

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