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Steritech health and safety services

At Steritech, we know as a brand, nothing is more important to you than the overall well-being of your customers and employees. Prioritizing safety at your brand locations can provide savings across the board, reducing insurance costs, medical expenses, and legal fees. Steritech’s health and safety services give you the tools, insights, and data you need to run safer, smarter operations that protect both your people and your brand. From preventing a foodborne illness outbreak to avoiding workplace hazards and incidents, our teams can help you safeguard your operations.

Health and safety services for commercial businesses

Ensure your brand standards and safety procedures are centralized, understood, and validated at every location, across all employees. Our corrective action plans and evidence of improvement allows for location level improvement, even when onsite visits are not possible.

Increase sales, reduce risk, and build an organizational culture where food safety is paramount. Our food safety assessments conducted by our expert Specialists, go beyond compliance, coaching your staff every step of the way and driving continuous improvement at every location.

Steritech workplace safety assessments identify the most common physical and environmental industry hazards, provide safety documentation, and training points for your organization. Our Specialists seek to uncover potential risks and prevent injuries that could severely harm your brand and employees.

OneLook™ is Steritech’s service for health inspection information management. It processes and presents your health inspection reports in one easy-to-access digital form, empowering you with the knowledge you need to confidently spot and tackle problem areas at your locations.

Special studies

Steritech provides a variety of special studies including menu innovation, product/packaging tests, limited-time offers, and marketing/point of purchase materials. This enables you to weigh the costs and benefits of introducing a new item or service, make adjustments, and set pricing before an official launch.

Industries we serve

Today's savvy consumers require more than just great-tasting food to keep them coming back. With Steritech as your partner, you can deliver a safe, consistent customer experience every time.

Grocery and convenience stores are at the forefront with consumers. Producing safe, quality food is your top priority. Create an elevated shopping experience with Steritech.

After years of building the loyalty of your guests and customers, enhance that relationship with our services that address key areas of customer experience in this unique industry.

Stores that deliver on their promises win customer loyalty. With Steritech you can deliver your ideal brand experience with services that help you reach operational excellence and profitability.

Steritech provides services tailored to government and educational institutions. Our solutions help you stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your staff and patrons.

Safe, healing environments that reflect the highest quality of care are vital to patients, families, and staff. Our team has healthcare experts who can help you deliver an ideal patient experience at your facilities.

Facilities services

Ensure your physical structures, materials, equipment, and assets are meeting your brand and customer expectations.

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