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OnBrand360®: where data meets action

The key advantage driving the growth and success of our clients is the ability to gather key data and take action efficiently. But for many businesses, knowing which metrics to track and creating an actionable improvement plan is a real challenge.

Out of this dilemma, Steritech created OnBrand360®- our breakthrough, proprietary customer portal which makes big data digestible and actionable. With OnBrand360®, you can track location-level performance and equip your team with the knowledge, insights, and individual plans to make meaningful improvements.

Key benefits include:

A comprehensive reporting suite

To be effective, data needs to drive action. The portal’s comprehensive reporting suite offers 21 standard reports so that your teams have the information they need to enhance performance. With hierarchy access, users from the location-level up to the CEO only see the information that is relevant to their role.

Root cause analysis

It’s one thing to know about issues, but what you really need is to be able to determine what’s causing them. With OnBrand360®, users have the ability to drill down into every detail of the assessment to get to the root cause so that foundational concerns can be addressed.

Closed-loop corrective action process

OnBrand360® doesn’t just report the opportunities for improvement that are cited during assessments, it also gives your location-level teams the ability to track what corrective actions they have taken. This closed-loop approach to corrective actions gives you confidence that every location is delivering on your brand’s ideal experience.

OnBrand360® Performance Packages

With Steritech’s OnBrand360® Performance Packages, you can choose from three Performance Package levels to supercharge your culture of excellence with deeper reporting, enhanced insights and benchmarking, recognition certificates, customizations, and training tools available in the OnBrand360® Knowledge Center.

  • ONBRAND360® Portal is included with all Steritech programs and provides access to 21 standard reports containing: completed assessments, detailed findings, and line item frequency. You also gain access to basic how-to training content including customizing reports, creating a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), and password reset.

  • ONBRAND360® Prime includes an additional 7 standard reports as well as 4 Steritech-branded certificates and Steritech-branded training tools in our Knowledge Center.

  • ONBRAND360® Pro includes an additional 21 standard reports as well as 4 co-branded certificates and access to all of Steritech’s available training tools, plus first access to new materials.

  • ONBRAND360® Premium includes an additional 34 standard reports and up to 5 custom certificates, as well as the ability to determine your resources in your own customized Knowledge Center.

Call us today at 1-800-868-0089 or contact us online to talk to a Steritech representative about which OnBrand360®️ Performance Package level is a good fit for your brand's needs.

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