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Apply data-driven insights with OnBrand360® Performance Packages

With Steritech’s Onbrand360® Performance Packages, you can choose from three Performance Package levels to supercharge your culture of excellence with deeper reporting, enhanced insights and benchmarking, recognition certificates, customizations, and training tools, all of which are available in the Onbrand360 Knowledge Center

Your Steritech assessment data is powerful, but analysis and correlations take time and skill. With the Onbrand360 Performance Packages, you can leverage the capabilities of our quality management system and get more out of our already powerful assessment data portal with just a few clicks.

Performance Packages at a glance

OnBrand360® Portal

Our Onbrand360 Portal is included with all Steritech programs. With this, you receive access to over 20 standard reports, including Completed Assessments, Findings, Findings Details, and Line Item Frequency. Additionally, you’re given access to basic how-to training content, including customizing reports, creating a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), and password reset.

OnBrand360® Prime

In addition to the features in the Onbrand360 Portal, with the Onbrand360 Prime Performance Package, you’ll receive our standard report offering along with seven additional reports, including Line Item Trending, Root Cause Analysis, Repeat Comparisons, and Previous Assessment Info Table. 

With the Prime package, you will receive four Steritech-branded certificates. You can also take advantage of the Steritech-branded training tools that are available in the Knowledge Center. 

The ability to see line item trending, root cause analysis, and repeat comparisons in reports empowers your brand to manage its operations proactively, make strategic decisions, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. Our quality management system can help you increase efficiency, reduce risks, and enhance your brand’s overall performance and customer satisfaction.  

OnBrand360® Pro

With the Onbrand360 Pro Performance Package, you have access to 21 additional standard reports, including geographic mapping of scores, ratings, month-over-month trending by line item, hierarchy comparison charts, and more. 

Additionally, you’ll have access to four co-branded certificates and access to all of Steritech’s available training tools. The Pro Performance Package provides first access to new materials, including Steritech-branded training tools and the Steritech food safety video library.

These reporting capabilities can empower your brand to monitor, analyze, and systemically improve performance. The insights gained from month-over-month trends, hierarchy comparisons, and CAP status analysis contribute to informed decision-making and the overall enhancement of operations. 

With Steritech’s training tools and programs, your employees can enhance their skills and knowledge, leading to improved operational performance. This compliance training is crucial for meeting regulatory requirements and adhering to industry standards.


OnBrand360® Premium

The Onbrand360 Premium Performance Package offers 34 additional standard reports, including department-level reporting, line item relationships, hierarchy trend charts, and corrective action plan details. You’ll also have the ability to determine your resources in your own customized Knowledge Center and unlimited uploads of your training materials.

The Premium Performance Package provides access to many diverse reports within our quality management system. With these reports, brands can efficiently analyze, improve, and adapt their operations. The detailed insights and detailed breakdowns contribute to a more informed, efficient, and compliant organizational framework. 

Combining your brand’s training material with Steritech's brand training tools and food safety library helps create a powerful training framework. This collaborative approach ensures an integrated and customized training experience that aligns with your brand's standards and food safety guidelines and contributes to operational excellence.

Performance package chart

Take data-driven action

By utilizing our Performance Packages, your brand will be able to consistently address issues and enhance operations based on data-driven insights, allowing you to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

With just a few clicks, your brand can get more out of our already powerful assessment data portal. Contact us to talk to a Steritech representative about which OnBrand360 Performance Package level fits your brand’s needs. 

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