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Quality management system data

Steritech’s OnBrand360® portal is the ideal choice for businesses seeking to turn data into actionable insights. Our secure online portal addresses the common challenge of knowing which metrics to track and how to create effective improvement plans. With its user-friendly interface, OnBrand360® simplifies the process of making big data understandable and practical. 

The key advantages of our quality management system include a comprehensive reporting suite, empowering teams with over 20 standard reports tailored to their roles, root cause analysis capabilities, and a closed-loop corrective action process. By choosing OnBrand360®, businesses can efficiently gather, analyze, and act on data, ultimately driving growth and success for their clients.

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OnBrand360® dashboard features

OnBrand360's dynamic dashboard is designed with a range of essential features to empower your data-driven decision-making. With configurable dashboard widgets, your users can get an at-a-glance, easy-to-understand view of the information that is most important to them. 

Filters, trending tools, and more provide the flexibility to drill down to the pinpoint details they need. Other dashboard features include:

  • 15 real-time widgets 
  • Round-over-Round trends
  • Click-through functionality for deeper analysis
  • Mobile optimized, viewable on any device
  • Role-based layouts to ensure the most critical information is front and center
  • Hierarchy-based controls and comparisons

Steritech’s OnBrand360 dashboard provides a snapshot of successes, opportunities, and more. 


Comprehensive reporting suite

To be effective, data needs to drive action. Our secure online portal offers a comprehensive reporting suite, providing over 20 standard reports to equip your teams with the necessary information for performance enhancement. 

Our comprehensive reporting provides in-depth, helpful data, information, and insights to guide your actions, chart your progress over time, and improve performance. There are three basic report categories: 

  • Findings - allows low-level analysis of opportunities and root cause
  • Assessments - offering a summary of performance
  • Company - designed for multi-location oversight 

With over 20 individual real-time reports available with standard access, you will have essential information at all times at your fingertips. Gain access to even more reports by choosing one of our performance packages.

Root cause analysis 

It’s one thing to know about issues, but what you really need is to be able to determine what’s causing them. With OnBrand360, Steritech’s quality management software, users have the ability to drill down into every detail of the assessment to get to the root cause so that foundational concerns can be addressed. 

With the ability to perform comprehensive root cause analysis through our cutting-edge QMS software, businesses can gain valuable insights, streamline their processes, and make data-driven decisions for long-term success.

Elevate brand consistency with OnBrand360®

OnBrand360 doesn’t just report the opportunities for improvement that are cited during assessments. It also gives your location-level teams the ability to track what corrective actions they have taken. This closed-loop approach to corrective actions gives you confidence that every location delivers your brand’s ideal experience.

Create your ideal brand experience every time, everywhere, with OnBrand360. Connect with Steritech today for a free demo and consultation!

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