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Streamline communications with Team Features

Giving your people access to the right data can help them succeed. However, too much data can be overwhelming, too little can be frustrating, and data in the wrong hands can be risky. With team features and hierarchy access, we can ensure that the right people have access to the right data with OnBrand360®.

What is hierarchy access?

Hierarchy access refers to the organizational structure or framework that determines who has access to certain information, resources, or privileges within a quality management system or other organizational software platform. It establishes levels of authority or permission based on predefined roles, responsibilities, or positions within the hierarchy of an organization. 

Those at higher levels typically have broader access and greater authority, while those at lower levels have more restricted access and fewer privileges. Multi-location businesses can utilize hierarchy access to manage who can access resources, data, and functionalities across various locations and organizational levels. 

Hierarchy access can be set up and customized with our quality management software features, providing your team with the data and insights they need to succeed. 


OnBrand360® configurable notifications

We've layered in these quality management software features to give you and your team control over the data you receive. Your team can get the information they need with OnBrand360 configurable notifications. 

In our quality management system, users can choose which notifications they want to receive when specific actions are completed. These notifications can be received via text, email, or both. Your organization can customize the notifications' subject lines, message, links, and images. These features help people access the correct data at the right time.

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