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Ensure brand standards: Specialist Assessment App

Steritech's OnBrand360 platform is a secure online portal that gives you rich brand experience, safety data from your locations, and expert insights to move quickly to address concerns. For customers to choose your brand, you must deliver your ideal brand experience - every time, everywhere.

Multi-location businesses face a unique challenge in maintaining customer experience consistency because you can't be in 50 or 5,000 locations at one time to see what's happening –until now. 

Steritech’s OnBrand360 assessment app stands out with its intuitive design, ensuring high-quality, engaging assessments. Steritech set out to create a technology platform that allows our expert specialists to engage with your staff and offer valuable coaching while capturing the detailed data you need. Our quality management system was designed to drive improvement.

Assessments should leave your locations feeling empowered to take action. 

What makes OnBrand360® unique? 

The OnBrand360 assessment app was designed with over 35 years of assessment experience behind it. The app allows specialists to engage with your staff as they move through a location rather than constantly looking down at a screen. Through intuitive user experience, it ensures Steritech specialists provide an objective, high-quality assessment that is measured and consistent, no matter where it is being conducted.

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What do brands get with our OnBrand360® assessment app?

OnBrand360’s vital data capture provides the foundation for root cause analysis and rich insights that enable you to drive action. We intentionally designed our powerful OnBrand360 assessment app with features and insights your teams need to drive improvements. Some of these features include:

  • Photo capture that ties a visual to the specialists’ findings 
  • Picklists and error validation for usability & consistency 
  • Conditional questions with flexible scoring rules 
  • Industry benchmark comparisons
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Comprehensive reporting suite
  • Closed-loop corrective action plans 
  • Automated notifications

Steritech's OnBrand360 platform is a secure one-stop online portal that gives you rich brand experience and safety data from your locations, along with expert insights so that you can move quickly to address concerns.


How the assessment app and process works

The purpose behind OnBrand360 is to drive improvement. To make improvements, you need to see where your team is excelling, failing, or has opportunities for improvement. This is where Steritech’s specialists and our assessment app come together. Our specialists will take these steps to set you up for success: 

Location-level assessment

A highly calibrated Steritech specialist will visit your location and use the proprietary OnBrand360 app to document where your team excels, has opportunities for improvement, or is at risk. Post-assessment, your specialist will debrief with the on-site manager and will review the findings and highlight corrective actions to take.

Digital summary report 

A digital summary report is available in the OnBrand360 client portal and can be viewed on any device. The report is for the manager(s) and your designated leaders and notifications allow instant alerts that the summary report is ready to review. Hierarchy access determines what information users see specific to their role in your organization.

Closed-loop corrective action process

Actions Plans drive sustained improvements and will give senior leaders visibility into their location(s).

Appeal findings

OnBrand360 provides appeal guidelines so you can reexamine specific findings from the assessment and make the corrective actions.


OnBrand360 doesn’t just report the opportunities for improvement that are cited during assessments. It also gives your location-level teams the ability to track what corrective actions they have taken. This closed-loop approach to corrective actions gives you confidence that every location delivers your brand’s ideal experience.

Create your ideal brand experience every time, everywhere, with OnBrand360. Connect with Steritech today for a free demo and consultation!

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