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About Steritech

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About Us

For nearly 30 years, Steritech has been an industry leader and pioneer, providing innovative solutions that mitigate risk and drive growth.

Steritech is the market leader in providing food safety and operational assessments that enhance customer experience, conducting more than 200,000 assessments annually in the restaurant, grocery and supermarket, convenience store, hotel & lodging and retail store industries.

Founded as a pest management company in 1986, Steritech began its business providing highly specialized pest prevention services to commercial facilities. In 1996, Steritech entered the food safety business, conducting sanitation audits for a major grocery store chain in the Southeast. It's from these humble beginnings that Steritech's assessment business got its start.

In 2017, we have expanded on our continued success by launching in Norway and Portugal; providing comprehensive evaluations in food safety, service and quality of operations to major restaurant, food retail store and hotel brands.

Our Unique Approach

We design and implement assessment programs that promote adoption of standards and drive continual improvement at your brand locations. To do that, we employ people who understand the challenges your locations face. Our ever-growing team of experts boasts expansive foodservice and operational backgrounds -- which we eagerly leverage in service of our brand partners.

Throughout our various assessments, our specialists provide an objective but positive experience, while also taking time to educate your team on the "how" and "why" behind standards your locations have in place. At the end of each assessment, we highlight what's done well and where there's room for growth -- giving your locations the real-time knowledge and insight they need to improve.

Steritech, A Rentokil Company

To advance the service offerings for our clients, Steritech joined the Rentokil family of companies in 2015, a global leader providing outstanding services to businesses around the world.

Steritech's pest prevention business has merged with Rentokil's pest control business to form the third largest pest management firm in North America. For more information on Rentokil, please visit

As a Rentokil company, Steritech can now deliver our goal of helping you run a more competitive business on an even broader scale and deliver an optimal brand experience with consistency.

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