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Our people

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Our people

Whether you desire to tackle performance plateaus or rebuild your safety policies and operational procedures, Steritech Specialists are ready to help you develop goals, chart a path to reach them, and assess progress made at every step of the journey.

Our approach to assessments embodies our unique spirit – we believe successful programs are driven by positive, professional interactions geared toward helping your team succeed. Steritech Specialists, many of whom have safety and operations backgrounds, understand the obstacles your brand faces and will work alongside you to develop actionable goals and a clear roadmap to achieve them.


What sets us apart

Our teams immerse themselves in your brand to ensure they fully understand policies, procedures, and practices while interacting with location-level employees. Additionally, they are regularly evaluated for fairness and accuracy – to ensure your relationship is based on objectivity that you can trust.

Steritech Specialists also go through a customized training program that evaluates their proficiency in certain areas and potential knowledge gaps that require further development. In this training, they study U.S. Food and Drug Administration compliance, regulatory standards, and interpersonal skills. This modular approach streamlines the assessment process, delivers dependable scheduled assessments, and improves the overall client experience.

Data as the differentiator

Data is a vital part of our process. Through decades of data collection, Steritech Specialists are able to develop optimal auditing timelines and set accurate expectations for improvement between visits. Steritech’s proprietary comprehensive reporting platform, OnBrand360®, allows leaders to review relevant results from their assessment and make informed decisions around operations, safety, and employee development.

With this insightful data, our Specialists celebrate the accomplishments of your team and provide coaching in areas in need of improvement, empowering them to make meaningful changes, not punish them.

Our people are committed to guiding you on this journey, and keeping you on the right trajectory as your organization evolves and advances over time. Call us at 1-800-868-0089 or contact us online today to learn more about the incredible auditing and consulting services our people provide.

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