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Hotels and lodging

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Hotels and lodging

When traveling, consumers expect a home away from home – clean, comfortable, and safe. Today's traveling public is more likely than ever before to share their experiences with your establishment – positive or negative – with their network. With Steritech auditing services, you can stay on top of the details that impact your customers' experiences.

Steritech's range of services includes Customer Experience, Food Safety, and Operational Excellence. Steritech will seamlessly work with your team to create a tailored solution to help deliver your ideal customer experience.

Using our sophisticated compliance management software, OnBrand360®, our hotel & lodging experts will gauge performance in your establishments against your customized standards and best practices benchmarks, giving you a comprehensive view of how you're measuring up to that critical mission of providing an enjoyable stay that your guests will remember and share.

Food safety for hotels and lodging

For hotels & lodging facilities that offer guests dining and snacks, there's an added element of diligence needed to ensure food safety. Failing to do so can impact guest return rates, your bottom line, and, most importantly, public health. With Steritech's food safety assessment program, you can ensure that your foodservice operations and staff are doing everything possible to keep your guests safe.

Beginning with baseline audit criteria based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Model Food Code and augmented by over two decades of food safety expertise, Steritech's food safety assessments address every aspect of food safety in your hotel, whether it's a full-service restaurant, room service, or your convenience snack areas.

The Steritech Specialists conducting these assessments are industry and brand experts, trained to help your employees learn and adopt food safety practices. With our 6:1 positive reinforcement model, your staff members understand that Steritech is a partner there to help them improve their performance.

COVID-19 safety assessments

The hotel and lodging industry has had to navigate uncharted territory over the last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With a significant decrease in travel, hotel and lodging facilities have had to shut down or operate at a reduced capacity for quite some time. These facilities now need to redefine and increase measures for disinfecting their rooms, restaurants, meeting rooms and common areas, as well as back-of-house areas, while still focusing on the aspects that guests value in hotel stays – personalization, attentiveness and comfort.

Many travelers will be hyper-conscious and more vigilant about cleanliness and hygiene when they arrive at your facility. Giving your guests a safe place to lay their head and keeping your staff healthy should be your highest priority.

Steritech’s COVID-19 Protocol Check allows you to make sure all of your hotel locations are  following your health and safety standards consistently and with excellence. This will give your guests the confidence that they need to put their trust in your facility.

Operational excellence for hotels and lodging

Among consumers, those who travel regularly tend to be extremely brand loyal, seeking a consistent experience and building relationships with brands they know and trust. Behind the scenes, your operations practices and processes create that experience with your brand.

Verify that your operations are in line with what they expect with a Steritech operational assessment program, a detailed evaluation that measures how your hotels are performing in areas of cleanliness and maintenance, staff hospitality, guest interaction, and procedures.

Steritech's operational assessment programs review and measure performance based on regulatory requirements, industry best practices, and your own brand standards to give you a complete picture of the state of your operations.

Construction and Remodel Assessments

As style and design trends change with the times, hotel and lodging facilities need to adapt. Whether that means adjusting the layout or changing the overall look and feel, remodeling can be a large undertaking. Even larger still is new hotel construction, a frequent enterprise of larger hotel chains. 

A considerable amount of time and money is required to make sure these projects meet your brand’s expectations. Steritech’s Construction and Remodel Assessments can ensure that happens and reduce your development team expenses by up to 70 percent. 

By leveraging Steritech’s calibrated workforce to perform on-site visits, you can verify that your builds are aligned with brand standards through high-quality photographs, keeping costs in order and minimizing the need for travel.

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