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Communicating SMART corrective actions

Implementing corrective actions in your operational excellencefood safety or workplace safety programs is essential to improving performance. When identifying necessary course corrections in your organization, they should be communicated in a SMART Corrective Action plan. Consistent, multi-directional communications are critical to the success of any program. This keeps food safety top-of-mind and reinforces expectations.

Check out the 5 key elements of an effective SMART corrective action plan for your business below.

  • SPECIFIC - Is the communication detailed, targeted, and understandable
  • MEASURABLE - Is the goal or action easily measurable? Will it be reported on so that progress can be shared?
  • ACTION BASED - Does the communication provide clear guidance and a desired end result?
  • REALISTIC - Is the goal or action expressed achievable?
  • TIME-BOUND - Does the communication offer specific progress deadlines and markers?


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