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4 tips for maintaining your ice machine

Ice machines can harbor many germs and bacteria. To produce ice that is safe for use in foodservice establishments, they need to be cleaned regularly. Follow these 4 tips from Steritech’s experts.

Maintaining an ice machine infographic

Ice machine maintenance tips

It’s important to clean and sanitize your ice machine regularly – before any debris or slime can form. If slime develops, it may be pink, green, brown or black, and allow harmful germs such as Salmonella , Listeria, E. coli, Shigella and norovirus to spread through the ice and to your guests.

Follow these tips to keep your ice machine slime-free:


Inspect Ice Machine Weekly

Check for the presence of any debris or slime, especially on interior surfaces. A towel dipped in sanitizer and wrung out can be used to wipe off slime.

Double Check Quality of Cleaning

Follow up on cleaning performed by any vendor or team member to ensure surfaces were properly cleaned and all debris was removed.

Thoroughly Investigate Dim Areas

Use a flashlight to inspect interior areas. This helps to see dim areas, such as around and into the ice chute.

Increase Cleaning Frequency

Increase cleaning frequency as needed. Don’t wait until visible debris or slime develops. Refer to the operations manual for proper cleaning procedures.

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