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Tornado preparation and recovery tips

When tornadoes strike, they can create tremendous devastation in a short amount of time — often affecting entire communities. In many instances, restaurants, food service operations, and grocery and convenience stores open their doors to feed and assist neighbors.

We hope this food and operational safety information can be of assistance to organizations supporting affected areas.


Critical rules for safety

The dangerous conditions created by a tornado can cause structural damage and debris, power outages, and localized flooding in facilities, making safety paramount. That is why it is important to remember these three critical facility operational rules for safety when a tornado alert is issued or during any cleanup operations:

  1. Safety should always come first.
  2. Do not operate in any facility not cleared by emergency or disaster personnel.
  3. Do not use generators, grills, or charcoal-burning devices inside a building.

Other resources

If you are interested in learning more about food and operational safety following a tornado, we recommend the following resources:

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