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Driving Measurable Food Safety Improvement


Although the global pandemic has had an incredible impact on restaurants in many areas, one thing hasn't changed: the expectation that food consumed while dining out is safe to eat.

What should a food safety program look like? And how do you drive measurable improvement? In this webinar collaboration with the National Restaurant Association, Steritech's Chris Boyles, Vice President of Food Safety, and Gina Hein, Senior Client Experience Manager, discuss how to determine what to evaluate, building a system for measuring your progress, and how to execute your program to get the most meaningful results for your business.

Key Takeaways include:

  • How to classify your food safety risks and properly determine urgency
  • Practical advice for developing a scoring system that avoids common pitfalls
  • Creating an action plan for consistent execution across the brand
  • Leveraging positive reinforcement to achieve the best results year-round

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