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Leveraging Market Disruptions to Enhance Your Brand Experience


In recent years, restaurants faced an onslaught of crises and shifting consumer expectations. Within this environment of constant change, how do you ensure that all of your locations are delivering a consistent brand experience?

In this webinar collaboration with Fast Casual, Steritech’s Kimberely Hay, Senior Director of Client Experience, Michael Justo, Senior Director of Operations, and Elliot Maras, Editor at Networld Media Group discuss how your brand can leverage this perfect storm to its advantage to realize significant enhancements in your overall brand experience goals.

Key takeaways include:

  • Why a period of unprecedented labor challenges is a perfect time to re-establish a culture of operational excellence
  • Which customer experience areas you should focus on when you're facing a staffing shortage
  • Why shifting consumer expectations present an opportunity to adapt on and off-premise strategies
  • The unseen benefits of operational and supply chain disruptions in identifying areas for cost improvements
  • How to eliminate execution, quality, and performance gaps during the rollout of new processes and practices

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