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In a retail environment filled with choices, retailers that deliver on their promises are the retailers that win customer loyalty. Consumers trust companies that they know, and share their experiences with ever-growing networks. Elevating the experiences customers have with your brand helps build that trust. Giving you valuable tools to do that, Steritech's range of audit services includes Customer Experience, Food Safety, Operational Excellence and Workplace Safety.

Using our vanguard compliance management platform, OnBrand360®, our retail experts will gauge performance in your establishments against your customized standards and best practices benchmarks, giving you a comprehensive view of how your brand is delivering on its promises to your customers.

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Food safety for retail stores

Today's retail stores look nothing like their predecessors. Packed with grocery departments, in-store dining options, coffee bars, wine bars, snacks, and even full-scale restaurants, retailers must now add food safety to their list of operational concerns. Steritech's food safety assessment programs can help these busy operators address those concerns.

Beginning with baseline audit criteria based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Model Food Code and augmented by over two decades of food safety expertise, Steritech's food safety assessments address every aspect of food safety in your store, whether its in receiving, refrigerated foods, or your in-store dining experiences.

The Steritech Specialists conducting these assessments are industry and brand experts, trained to help your employees learn and adopt food safety practices. With our 6:1 positive reinforcement model, your staff members understand that Steritech is a partner there to help them improve their performance.

COVID-19 safety assessments

The global COVID-19  pandemic has provided a host of challenges for retail stores across North America. Supply chain issues, furloughs and temporary shutdowns are just a few of the items plaguing the industry. But amidst all the uncertainty, keeping your employees and customers healthy and safe in your store should be your top priority.

Over the past few months your brand has taken time to create a set of unique safety protocols. Steritech’s COVID-19 Protocol Check helps ensure all of your retail store locations are executing your standards consistently and with excellence. Our assessment evaluates items such as local health department guidance, social distancing measures, and frequent touchpoints. No protocols in place yet? We can partner with you to understand your specific brand and store needs and help you develop and implement a clear set of protocols.

Operational excellence for retail stores

Retail stores today have become a destination shopping experience for consumers, with shoppers often buying groceries, clothing, household goods and personal products in one place. Add that to the integration of coffee, snack and wine bars, in-store dining, and full service restaurants into retail stores, and you've got a long list of touch points where customer experience can be impacted.

Ensuring that every location, every format, and every interaction delivers your optimal brand experience is a monumental task. But with a Steritech operational excellence program, it gets easier. Verify that your operations are all adhering to crucial principles around cleanliness and maintenance, product availability, staff hospitality, displays, guest interaction and more.

The Steritech Operational Excellence Assessment evaluates items based on industry best practices and regulatory requirements and your own brand standards to give you a complete picture of the state of your operations.

Workplace safety for retail stores

Safety is one of the most crucial elements of your operations, and you have a vested interest in creating the safest workplace possible for your stores' employees. Steritech's standard Workplace Safety audit assesses the most common physical and environmental safety, documentation, and training points for your industry, giving you an objective assessment of safety in your stores.

Steritech's audit addresses the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety points, documenting compliance to help you reduce hazards, injuries and illness, and your insurance costs. What's more, you can customize Steritech's standard audit to address specific safety points important to your brand, giving you an even more robust evaluation.

Utilize Steritech's proprietary compliance management software, OnBrand360®, and you'll have full closed-loop corrective action functionality and a complete reporting suite at your fingertips, a powerful tool to enhance compliance and create actionable information that works round the clock to improve safety at your stores.

Construction & Remodel Assessments

Opening new retail store locations and remodeling existing ones is a necessary part of growing your brand. The design and layout of your store will influence the amount of the foot traffic and visibility you need to attract and maintain a high volume of customers.

To achieve this goal, a great amount of time and money is required to make sure these projects meet your brand’s expectations. Steritech’s Construction and Remodel Assessments can ensure that expectations are met while lowering your development team expenses by up to 70 percent. 

By leveraging Steritech’s calibrated workforce to perform on-site visits, you can verify that your builds are aligned with brand standards through high-quality photographs, keeping costs in line and reducing the need for travel.

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