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Brand assessments for retail and service providers

As a retailer or service provider, you are well aware that the current landscape is changing constantly, forcing you to adapt quickly. Today, it is important to consider every point of interaction a customer has with your product or brand, whether or not it is inside your sphere of control. Mobile orders, delivery, 3rd party delivery, drive-through, and pick-up are all now expected in addition to or even in place of traditional service models. As your partner, Steritech helps you protect what matters most with actionable insights and closed-loop corrective actions.

Delivering your ideal brand experience is key for attracting and retaining customers, especially now when there are numerous alternatives and reviews are so readily accessible. With Steritech, you can deliver on your goal with our comprehensive portfolio of services created to help your brand achieve operational excellence and profitability.

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Our services for retail and service providers

The following are just a few of the services Steritech recommends for businesses such as large chain stores, personal care establishments, and automobile service providers. For a complete list of our services, click here.

Regulatory enforcement

Steritech can help with legislative compliance issues such as variance requests and court citations, plan reviews, facility permitting, and temporary event permitting.

Additionally, our team of experts can assist you with manual/standards development and updates like SOPs, crisis management, business recovery and HACCP plans.


OnBrand360® allows operators to not only capture data but to use it effectively, identifying root causes and implementing fixes based on actionable insights. Actionable data is key for stores with multiple locations as they are able to discover which area of focus, individual location, or organizational function needs to be addressed in order to drive improvement.

Learn more about Steritech’s OnBrand360® Performance Packages here.

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