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Food Safety

You've built your customer experience around great food — but if you put food safety on the back burner, you're risking everything that you've built. Food safety is at the core of customer experience.

Today, more than ever before, food safety violations are top of mind with your customers. Consumers don't hesitate to share their experiences — a single negative food safety incident can pose serious risks to your bottom line and your brand.

Steritech has developed the industry's most consultative food safety assessment experience, going beyond a checklist audit to give you a comprehensive overview of your location's performance in every area that matters.

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Steritech's Food Safety Audit Process

We start with the basics — baseline criteria based on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Model Food Code and other regulatory authority standard. But unlike a compliance or quality assurance audit, Steritech's experts partner with your team members to encourage adoption of critical food safety practices.

We do this by providing a positive assessment experience where we provide feedback on what's being done right as well as focusing on coaching employees in areas that need improvement.

As a Steritech food safety customer, you also have access to one of the largest collections of food safety knowledge and proprietary information available today. Steritech conducts more than 200,000 assessments annually, giving us the ability to provide our customers with unique industry benchmarking insights you won't find anywhere else.

Food Safety for Retail Stores

Today's retail stores look nothing like their predecessors. Packed with grocery departments, in-store dining options, coffee bars, wine bars, snacks, and even full-scale restaurants, retailers must now add food safety to their list of operational concerns. Steritech's food safety assessment programs can help these busy operators address those concerns.

Steritech's food safety assessments address every aspect of food safety in your store — whether it's in receiving, refrigerated foods, or your in-store dining experiences.

Food Safety in Restaurants

Great dining experiences are powerful for customers — in fact, in a 2016 survey conducted by Steritech, nearly 55 percent of consumers said that a previous experience with a restaurant location or chain influences where they dine. When it comes to food safety in restaurants, bad news travels fast and lingers for a long time.

A food-borne illness outbreak at a single location of a chain restaurant would keep more than a third of consumers from dining at any location in the chain. And 17 percent say they'd never return to the chain again. It only gets worse when multiple locations of a chain are involved.

There's simply no compromising on food safety — and businesses that do risk significant loss of business, lawsuits, and brand damage. Steritech's food safety assessment programs can help restaurants address these ever-present concerns around food safety.

Steritech's food safety assessments address every aspect of food safety in your restaurants, whether you operate a quick service or fast food operation, fast casual eatery, casual or fine dining establishment.

Food Safety for Hotels & Lodging

For hotels & lodging facilities that offer guests dining and snacks, there's an added element of diligence needed to ensure food safety. Failing to do so can impact guest return rates, your bottom line, and, most importantly, public health.

With Steritech's food safety assessment program, you can ensure that your foodservice operations and staff are doing everything possible to keep your guests safe.

Steritech's food safety assessments address every aspect of food safety in your hotel, whether it's a full-service restaurant, room service, or your convenience snack areas.

Food Safety for Grocery & Supermarkets

Unlike customers of just ten years ago, today's on-the-go consumers visit grocery stores with a wide variety of needs in mind. Your stores have adapted to fit this model, implementing fresh and prepared foods departments, stocking a wide variety of foods, and even implementing in-store dining outlets.

Just one negative experience can keep customers away from your stores and impact your bottom line. With Steritech, you have a partner to implement a food safety assessment program that ensures all of your locations are doing all they can to protect food safety.

Our food safety assessments address key areas from receiving to holding and food preparation across your stores — from deli to bakery, seafood and meat to produce and frozen foods.

Food Safety for Convenience Stores

Convenience stores have become a one-stop shopping destination for on-the-go consumers. Since fresh products and prepared food are a new domain for many convenience stores, how you deliver in these areas is critical to helping consumers choose your stores in an increasingly crowded competitive market.

One slip in food safety could spell big trouble for your brand — are you sure that every one of your locations is adhering to acceptable standards and criteria?

With Steritech's food safety assessment program, you can ensure that your stores' processes are supporting food safety, and that products are served safely to your customers each and every time. Our food safety assessments address key areas from receiving to holding and food preparation.