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Operational excellence

Today's consumers are part of a social economy where one measure matters more than anything else: customer experience. Consumers elect to spend money on brands that deliver standards that matter to them. Failure to understand what delights and dissatisfies your customers will push you off the competitive cliff.

With the right partner to help you, you can determine the operational standards that impact your overall customer experience so your business can stay ahead of the curve as the savvy customer continues to evolve.

A pioneer in the food safety and operational assessment arena, Steritech has the ability to measure and assess not only baseline standards that customers demand, but also the key factors that contribute to consumer choice. Leveraging our massive proprietary data compiled from over 200,000 assessments annually, we will build an assessment program that works for your brand, focusing on the standards that matter to today's consumers and your target customers.

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Elements of Operations Excellence Assessment

Steritech's goal is to help our industry-leading clients mitigate risk and accelerate the growth and profitability of their brands through assessment programs that evaluate key elements of customer experience such as:

  • Food quality
  • Cleanliness
  • Speed of service
  • Staff hospitality
  • Value
  • Displays
  • Product availability and more.

Unlike traditional audit programs that never change and allow your locations to plateau, Steritech's Operational Excellence Assessment programs are designed to evolve with your brand over time, ensuring that your locations are continually improving to mitigate risk, increase guest traffic and drive sales.

Operational excellence in your industry

  • Restaurants - Consumers use a wide variety of factors to make decisions on where to spend their dining dollars, many of them fueled by your operational policies and practices. Steritech's Operational Assessment program is a detailed evaluation that measures how your restaurants are performing in the key areas that matter to consumers.

  • Grocery and supermarkets - According to the Food Marketing Institute, as the way we consume food evolves, consumers are increasingly looking to their primary grocery stores to help them provide "healthier, more satisfying eating for home meal occasions." Cement your stores as a consumer choice with a Steritech Operational Excellence Assessment program.

  • Convenience stores - Convenience stores are evolving to meet the needs of a wide array of on-the-go-consumers. Different types of consumers have different expectations and needs — and your stores need to meet them all. With a Steritech Operational Excellence Assessment program, you can elevate the shopping experience for all your customers.

  • Retail stores - Retail stores today have become a destination shopping experience, with shoppers often buying groceries, clothing, household goods and personal products in one place. Ensuring that every location delivers your optimal brand experience is a monumental task. But with a Steritech Operational Excellence program, your business can verify that your operations are all adhering to crucial principles.

  • Foodservice - Your foodservice operations have been honed over the years to best represent your clients' brands and serve their guests with excellence. Ensure that every part of your operation is performing at optimal levels with Steritech's Operational Excellence Assessment program.

  • Hotels and lodging - Among consumers, those who travel regularly tend to be extremely brand loyal, seeking a consistent experience and building relationships with brands they know and trust. Behind the scenes, your operations practices and processes create that experience with your brand. Verify that your operations are in line with what they expect with a Steritech Operational Assessment program.