Blind brand experience visits

Blind Brand Experience Visits

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Blind Brand Experience Visits

Mystery shoppers have been around for decades as a way to measure the integrity of employees in customer-facing businesses like grocery stores, retailers, and restaurants. As companies began to realize the importance of customer service and how it could make or break their brand’s success, many turned to mystery shopping as a way to accurately measure customer experience.

Over the years as technology has advanced, mystery shopping has evolved to include more detailed feedback through online data collection. However, there is still a lack of expertise and ability to implement course corrections that create real changes via traditional mystery shoppers.

Steritech Blind Brand Experience Visits are different. With our highly-calibrated experts, we go beyond traditional mystery shops with discreet onsite and off-premise visits designed around your brand promises. By examining all of your touchpoints, we give you a clear picture of your customers’ experiences. Then, we’ll provide insights, recommendations, and coaching to drive change and improve your brand experience.

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Be on brand everywhere

Off-premise services have seen exponential demand growth as customers turn to delivery, curbside pick-up, and drive-thru for safety and convenience. With Steritech, you can get an outside view of these increasingly important segments of your business.

Benefits of Steritech Blind Brand Experience Visits:

  • Evaluate drive-thru, carry-out, curbside pickup, shipping, and delivery orders with expertise and consistency across locations
  • Identify root cause issues and implement corrective actions
  • Uncover problems that silently send customers to competitors
  • Easily synthesize data with Steritech’s OnBrand360® platform

What we assess

  • Speed of service
    Get real-time evaluations of time to delivery, which can impact customer experience, product quality, and safety.

  • Order accuracy
    Ensure that all items are delivered as ordered, including customizations.

  • Customer experience and staff interactions
    From online form and website performance to staff hospitality, protocol, and receipt of the product, we'll review the order experience and staff interaction that helps shape customer experience.

  • Quality and food safety
    Our experts will assess packaging, temperatures, weight, appearance, and build of items based on your standards.

  • Contactless procedures
    Our experts will evaluate whether your contactless orders, process, payment, and delivery adhere to all safety measures.

Industries we serve

Steritech is proud to offer our Blind Brand Experience Visits to businesses in the following industries:

The new age of mystery shopping is here. Reveal your true brand experience through our discreet onsite and off-premise assessments. Call us today at 1-800-868-0089 to learn more.