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Operational excellence

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Operational excellence assessments

Today's consumers are part of a social economy where one measure matters more than anything else: customer experience. Everything that happens at your brand’s locations, from signage to how your guests are greeted to the condition of your restrooms, impacts your brand experience, sales, and profits. In this environment, how can you ensure that every one of your locations are achieving peak operational performance?

As a pioneer in the food safety and operational assessment arena, Steritech has the ability to measure and assess not only baseline standards that customers demand, but also the key factors that define your brand and contribute to consumer choice. By partnering with Steritech, you can address performance gaps by location and ensure that your brand promise is being consistently delivered.

Our operational excellence assessments provide the following benefits to your brand:

  • Ensure all locations are delivering a consistent brand experience
  • Improve staff understanding of the “how” and “why” of operational standards
  • Uncover concerns that impact employee retention and customer experience
  • Elevate operator relations to promote buy-in at every level
  • Easily identify trends with Steritech’s OnBrand360® system

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What we assess

Our friendly experts visit your locations to review your most critical operational practices. They walk with your managers, noting successes and opportunities for improvement, and providing on-the-spot explanations to make sure the staff understands. Our detailed reports give you the information, insights, and recommendations you need to make adjustments that maximize performance for exceptional bottom-line results.

Our operational excellence assessment evaluates key elements of customer experience such as:

  • Guest engagement and hospitality
    Get a sense of how guests engage with each staff member by evaluating interactions, appearance, purchasing support, and checkout experiences.

  • Inventory and merchandising
    Ensure your locations have appropriate inventory and display products in the correct manner.

  • Signage
    Evaluate the condition and consistency of both interior and exterior signage, including promotional and limited-time offering materials.

  • Cleanliness
    From exterior to interior, floor to ceiling, we assess the overall location's cleanliness.

  • Facilities
    Determine if facilities are in good condition and operational equipment is functioning properly.

Industries we serve

Steritech provides operational excellence assessments for the following industries:

Whether you’re a hospital or a multi-site grocery store chain, our team of experts can help you achieve and maintain operational excellence in your business. Reach out to us today at 1-800-868-0089 to learn more about how we can partner with you.