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Business projects

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Special business projects

When we look back at our most successful clients, each seemed to have a key advantage driving their continued growth — the intelligent gathering and use of key data.

That's why Steritech has made an unprecedented investment in rolling out OnBrand360® — a breakthrough assessment technology and reporting platform designed to equip stakeholders with the knowledge they need to evaluate and chart unique plans for success — to make sure our clients have all the valuable data they’ll need in one place to help make crucial business decisions.

Data-driven decisions for your brand

To stay competitive, you're often tasked with making decisions around new products, product quality, equipment needs, and more. Deploying an internal team to evaluate locations for these projects may not be cost effective, takes your resources away from other important resources, and can be logistically difficult to coordinate.

With OnBrand360® as its centerpiece, Steritech’s team of industry veterans can collect and evaluate key performance data, empowering you to make critical decisions for your brand on subjects like:

  • Identifying new cost efficiencies

  • Conducting limited-time-offer studies

  • Capital investment projects

  • Product quality studies

  • Staff development and team needs identification

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Does your state or organization require a HACCP plan?

If your team is required implement a HACCP plan, your needs might be a little different from those organizations in which HACCP is added proactively. Rest assured, however, that all Steritech-developed HACCP plans will be crafted to comply with any and all applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines.