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Training programs

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Training programs & best practices development

A little extra training never hurt anyone, right? From ServSafe training for individual managers and employees, to coaching programs tailored to helping your team excel in their next assessment or health department audit, Steritech offers your locations the targeted help to locations looking for an extra edge in performance. Your team will gain the knowledge it needs to drive improvement and fully deliver on your brand promise.

ServSafe training

ServSafe is a nationally accredited certification program designed to teach and reinforce the essential elements involved in practicing good food safety for managers and employees. Depending on the course, students learn about essential topics like:

  • The importance of food safety

  • Food safety regulations

  • Good personal hygiene

You can also learn proper methods for things like:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing

  • Thawing, cooking, cooling and reheating food

  • Preventing cross-contamination

Learn from the best

Steritech’s expert team of Certified Food Safety Trainers are credentialed as Certified Professionals - Food Safety (CP-FS) through the National Environmental Health Association and have received advanced food safety training certification through The Steritech Institute. That means you’ll be learning the ins and outs of food safety from the best the industry has to offer.

Class registration, FAQs and more

Because of growing industry demand, timing and availability of classes at The Steritech Institute is always in flux. If you’re interested in registering for a course, or want to know details for the next one being held, contact our Customer Care Center or email Jessica Leatherman, Senior Training and Development Consultant, at [email protected].

Does your state or organization require a HACCP plan?

If your team is required implement a HACCP plan, your needs might be a little different from those organizations in which HACCP is added proactively. Rest assured, however, that all Steritech-developed HACCP plans will be crafted to comply with any and all applicable regulatory requirements and guidelines.