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Food allergen safety with AllerCheck™

33 million Americans – one in 10 adults and one in 13 children – are living with life-threatening food allergies.¹ MenuTrinfo®’s AllerCheck™ Assessments, offered in partnership with Steritech, address the challenge of ensuring allergen awareness and proper food preparedness for businesses. AllerCheck is the only assessment of its type endorsed by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE). While this assessment doesn't guarantee an allergen-free environment, it signals to customers that the necessary knowledge, procedures, and food allergy safety protocols are implemented, emphasizing a dedication to transparency, wellness, and inclusivity.

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The importance of food allergen safety

In 2022, the Food & Drug Safety Administration (FDA) released a new Food Code requiring businesses to disclose the presence of the nine major food allergens in unpackaged food. This code informs regulations mandated at a state and local level in nearly every state.² Ensuring food safety compliance is crucial for businesses, and failure to adhere to rigorous safety standards can lead to severe allergic reactions in customers. Given that a significant portion of Americans avoid allergens in their food choices, these food safety assessments can help enable businesses to better cater to dietary requests. 

Implementing robust food allergy safety management protocols not only helps protect these at-risk consumers but also your business's reputation and viability. It demonstrates a commitment to customer well-being, fosters loyalty, and distinguishes the establishment as a responsible and trustworthy dining option.

Steritech colleague consulting food service worker

What happens if food safety practices are not followed? 

Failure to adhere to food allergies and food safety standards can have dire consequences, especially in the restaurant industry, where 74% of food allergen-related incidents occur.³ Customers with allergies are more likely to seek out businesses that transparently disclose allergen information, such as eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish, and sesame.4 

If a business cannot provide accurate allergen information or ensure proper safety measures, a customer could have a severe allergic reaction due to cross-contact or mislabeling. Not only does this pose legal liabilities, including lawsuits5 and fines, but it also undermines trust, damages brand integrity, deters potential customers, and impacts long-term profitability.

Our food allergy assessment process

AllerCheck Assessments help ensure menu items are prepared using verified ingredients and that operations maintain top-notch food safety compliance protocols. Steritech’s Food Safety Specialists, backed by MenuTrinfo’s expertise, offer unbiased supervision to identify potential hazards, facilitate industry comparison, and initiate corrective measures. Throughout the evaluation, specialists inspect food preparation and dining zones, assessing over 30+ Allergen Standards, including:

  • Menus and food preparation
  • Ingredient documentation and storage
  • Purchasing and receiving
  • Employee allergen education
  • Allergen communication and signage
  • Emergency response training
  • Front-of-house service and training 
  • Facility layout

Once the food safety assessment is complete, clients receive a comprehensive report outlining any standards that were not met. All data is consolidated in Steritech’s OnBrand360® portal for seamless monitoring and trend identification across all locations. Accredited establishments obtain certification and are granted the esteemed AllerCheck seal, demonstrating their dedication to food allergy safety awareness and readiness for guests.

AllerCheck by MenuTrinfo Food Allergy Area Approved seal

Enhance safety and foster trust with Steritech 

At Steritech, we understand that ensuring the safety of your customers and employees is paramount to your brand's success. Our health and safety services offer comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks and protect your people and brand. Whether it's preventing foodborne illnesses or addressing workplace hazards, our teams provide the tools, insights, and data necessary for running safer and smarter operations. 

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