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Food safety assessments

Now more than ever before, food safety violations are top of your customers’ minds in a health-conscious world. Consumers never hesitate to share their experiences on every digital platform — a single negative food safety incident can pose serious risks to your bottom line and your brand.

For more than 30 years, Steritech’s programs and services have been the best in the industry because we deliver fundamentally better results for your brand. Through our assessments you will able to:

  • Gain up to 3.1% improvement in same-store sales
  • Achieve cost savings by minimizing internal travel and labor costs
  • Increase intent to return and customer experience/voice of customer scores
  • Reduce operational risk with closed-loop corrective action plans in Steritech’s OnBrand360® platform

Steritech's 7 Pillars of Food Safety Excellence

Steritech’s 7 Pillars can help your organization set an example of food safety excellence for the industry.

Create a culture of food safety

Deliver your ideal brand experience every time, everywhere with Steritech’s personalized approach to service. Our 5 I's approach — ignite, immerse, interact, inform, and improve — allows us to get to know your brand on a deeper level and provide the framework, robust insights, and data you need to achieve great brand experiences and continually grow your business.

The 7 Pillars of Food Safety Excellence

Steritech has developed a framework for helping organizations create a culture of food safety: The 7 Pillars of Food Safety Excellence. Learn more about the 7 pillars here and see how your organization measures up using our food safety excellence checklist.

The assessment process

Our food safety assessment program is modeled on industry best practices and internationally recognized benchmarks, as well as Steritech’s food safety expertise.

  • 1. A highly-trained Specialist will arrive on-location. Assessments may be announced or unannounced.

  • 2. The Specialist will present identification and introduce themselves to the manager-on-duty.

  • 3. The Specialist will walk with the manager through the location, narrating the assessment and engaging with staff, including 6 positive pieces of feedback for every 1 opportunity for improvement.

  • 4. The Specialist will debrief with the manager at the close of the assessment, answer any questions, then upload assessment data to Steritech’s OnBrand360® client portal and reporting platform.

Food safety resources

From food-borne illness outbreaks to best practices for utensils, Steritech is here to equip your brand with all the tools needed to protect your customers and employees. Discover our robust portfolio of case studies, infographics, and more below.

Discover the top challenges restaurants, supermarkets, and convenience stores are facing this year.

Visit the Steritech food safety library to gain access to the most up-to-date food safety information for your industry.

Discover key facts, statistics and tips to prevent the spread of these risky pathogens in your business.

From holiday food safety tips to reportable illness protocols, our library of infographics make great visual training tools for your team.

Tune into conversations lead by our top experts covering a variety of topics on food safety, brand standards, and customer experience.

Industries we serve

Steritech provides food safety assessments for the following industries:

Today's savvy consumers require more than just great-tasting food to keep them coming back. With Steritech as your partner, you can deliver a safe, consistent customer experience every time.

Grocery and convenience stores are at the forefront with consumers. Producing safe, quality food is your top priority. Create an elevated shopping experience with Steritech.

After years of building the loyalty of your guests and customers, enhance that relationship with our services that address key areas of customer experience in this unique industry.

Stores that deliver on their promises win customer loyalty. With Steritech you can deliver your ideal brand experience with services that help you reach operational excellence and profitability.

Steritech provides services tailored to government and educational institutions. Our solutions help you stay in compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your staff and patrons.

Safe, healing environments that reflect the highest quality of care are vital to patients, families, and staff. Our team has healthcare experts who can help you deliver an ideal patient experience at your facilities.

Take your food safety program to the next level by calling Steritech today at 1-800-868-0089​​​​​​​.

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