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Health inspection management

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OneLook™ health inspection management

If you own or manage multiple locations, sorting through all of your health inspection reports can seem overwhelming – but it doesn't have to be. Used correctly, health inspection report data can paint a picture of how your locations perform and stack up against each other. This data can also shine a light on clear areas of need, and help you reduce the risk of potential disaster.

Steritech’s OneLook program processes inspection data from more than 3,400 health department jurisdictions in the U.S. and presents it in one standardized form. Designed by our experts to do much more than the standard health inspection report, OneLook sifts through mounds of health department paperwork and easily connects brands with data they can actually use. And with reports presented in less than 48 hours after inspection data is received, you’ll spend less time hunting for data and more time making the most of it.

We’re eager to show you how much easier managing health inspection reports can be with a service like OneLook. To learn more call us today at 1-800-868-0089 or fill out our contact form online.

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Access data you can use

OneLook is a health inspection information management program that delivers crucial intel to your brand. It's a unique offering, designed to provide initial insight into a broader future of growth. In short, OneLook is:

  • Fast - Reports are processed within 48 hours of receipt of inspection data, giving you easy access to what's going on from one location to another.

  • Simple - Steritech's OneLook reports crawl through all your locations' health inspection reports and condense them into one single, easy-to-digest form.

  • Actionable - OneLook reports highlight key criticals and trends, helping you identify and address location-specific or company-wide areas of need.

  • Cataloged - Every new report is digitally cataloged with OneLook, offering your brand insight into how locations improve over time and measure up against each other.

What else can you do with OneLook?

Having timely information is important, but knowing what that information means and responding effectively is just as crucial. With OneLook, you can overcome obstacles quicker, head off issues before they become problems, and drive improvement throughout your locations.

  • Automatic notifications are sent to key stakeholders
  • Steritech experts are available for guidance on urgent issues
  • Analyze trending issues and systemic challenges
  • Correlate assessment data with health department scores
  • Gain insight that can improve training
  • Implement and track corrective action plans based on findings
  • Configure notifications and alerts to suit unique program needs

Industries we serve

Steritech is proud to offer the OneLook health inspection management service to businesses in the following industries:

We’re eager to show you how much easier managing health inspection reports can be with a service like OneLook. Talk to one of our experts by calling us at 1-800-868-0089.