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Brand assessments for hotels, lodging and entertainment

In the hospitality industry, the spotlight is on guest experience now more than ever. With Steritech as your partner, strengthen guest loyalty by delivering consistent and exceptional guest experiences.

Creating a lasting memory for guests through factors such as seamless check-in, pleasant staff interactions, and luxury amenities engage your guests and ensure positive feedback. Gain the actionable insights you need to protect your brand and drive growth with the visibility on key areas for operational excellence for your brand.

Steritech’s team of Specialists are extensions of your team to help you manage the quality and safety across every location. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that work together to help you deliver on your brand excellence everyday, everywhere.

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Our services for hotel, lodging and entertainment facilities

Steritech solutions for hotels, theaters, casinos, bowling alleys, entertainment venues, arcades, and resorts provide you with the tools to deliver on the ultimate guest experience and drive growth. For a complete list of our services, click here.

Our team of experts provide a 360-degree view of your facilities, documenting your physical structure, equipment, signage, and essential brand elements to ensure an optimal brand experience.

Maximize operational performance and deliver on your brand experience at every location. Our assessments provide data and actionable insights that make your brand maintain a standard of excellence. And, help you to close achievement gaps to make every location a top performer.

Increase sales, reduce risk, and build an organizational culture where food safety is paramount. Assessments are conducted by our expert Specialists, coaching your staff and driving continuous improvement and an exceptional dining experience at every location.

Realize your true brand experience through our discreet onsite and off-premise assessments, providing you with the insights and actions needed to enhance guest experience.

Regulatory enforcement

Steritech can help with legislative compliance issues such as variance requests and court citations, plan reviews, facility permitting, and temporary event permitting.

Additionally, our team of experts can assist you with manual/standards development and updates like SOPs, crisis management, business recovery and HACCP plans.


OnBrand360® allows operators to not only capture data but to use it effectively to help identify the root cause of issues and implement fixes based on actionable insights. This technology reveals how each of your functional areas is performing, whether it’s by comparing departments at a single hotel or a specific department across every location.

Learn more about Steritech’s OnBrand360® Performance Packages here.

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