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COVID-19 safety assessments

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COVID-19 Protocol Check

COVID-19 has changed the way we see the world. With awareness heightened, employees and customers will choose businesses that demonstrate a visible commitment to safety. Differentiate your business from the rest by reassuring them that you are taking the steps necessary to protect their health and safety.

To demonstrate that safety is paramount to your brand values, you must be sure that all of your locations are following your standards on a regular basis. With our COVID-19 Protocol Check, you get the assurance that all of your locations are executing those measures consistently.

With regular visits from our expert Specialists, you will get:

  • Verification that your own protocols are in place at all locations
  • Help ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines
  • Insight and guidance on industry best practices
  • Knowledge your employees need to protect themselves and others

Most importantly, the COVID-19 Protocol Check reinforces the credibility of your brand and drives brand preference among customers who are limiting the places they are comfortable visiting. By ensuring that your protocols are properly in place and being executed correctly across your locations, your customers will visually see your commitment to health and safety in action – inspiring the confidence that they need to patronize your business.

Are your employees following your corporate COVID-19 policies?

Steritech Specialists recently visited a sample of locations across two major retail brands in the United States and Canada to evaluate their response to COVID-19. 

What we found shows why even the biggest brands need a strategy to ensure COVID-19 safety protocols are being followed in their stores.

Download the case study now to find out:

  • How big box chains are performing against public health guidelines and their own advertised safety measures
  • Which COVID-19 protocols are challenging retailers
  • How to resolve issues and improve compliance at multi-location brands

Download the case study now

The COVID-19 Protocol process

The COVID-19 Protocol Check is an interactive assessment that is designed to engage your employees without being disruptive to business.

1. Pre-assessment

We will have a phone conference with your corporate contact to get the list of COVID-19 protocols you have developed and how they have been communicated to your locations.

2. On-site assessment

A highly-trained Specialist will visit individual locations to conduct the assessment. The Specialist will evaluate protocols and engage with staff to coach on proper procedures.

3. Debrief & review

After the assessment, the Specialist will debrief with the manager, review findings, and leave behind a printed report. The manager can also access results online via OnBrand360®, our online customer portal, and log any needed corrective actions.

4. Detailed action plan

Information from each assessment will be available to you to help provide corporate oversight. After all assessments are complete, Steritech will aggregate the findings and present them with detailed recommendations so that you can take action.

Enforcing your brand's COVID-19 protocols

Our COVID-19 Protocol Check is based on the unique protocols developed by your organization. Common items for evaluation and coaching include:

Local health department guidance

Wellness policies

Social distancing measures

Hand hygiene

Face masks and PPE

Frequent touchpoints

COVID-19 exposure response

Chemicals and appropriate use

Don’t have protocols in place yet? No problem, we can partner with you to understand your specific brand and business needs and help you develop and implement a set of protocols. 

Benefits of the COVID-19 Protocol Check

Peace of mind that all of your locations are executing on your policies consistently.

Enhanced employee and customer confidence in your health and safety measures.

Assurance that your organization is helping to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Documentation and evidence of your protocols for compliance, shareholders, and more.

Supplemental staff training reinforced through Steritech’s expert guidance and positive approach to feedback.

Virtual or on-site inspection options to accommodate your business needs.

Industries we serve

Steritech’s new services are highly recommended for the following business sectors:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Grocery
  • Entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare
  • Assisted living & long term care facilities
  • Daycares
  • Fitness centers
  • Hair salons

The Steritech difference

With roots in the foodservice industry, Steritech has significant expertise in providing food safety and operational assessments to the restaurant, grocery and supermarket, convenience store, hotel and lodging, and retail store industries. From these beginnings, we have expanded our capabilities in the assessment arena to support a variety of industries in evaluating the health and safety of their operations at locations across North America.

To learn about the COVID-19 Protocol Check, get in touch via our online contact form.