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Sewage backup in foodservice

A foodservice facility depends upon utility services such as a properly operating sewage system. A sewage backup is the overflow of sewage from equipment or plumbing facilities within a foodservice establishment. If a foodservice operation has a sewage backup, an imminent health hazard may exist. It creates a crisis situation that requires immediate actions, and sometimes, ceasing of operations to prevent danger to health of employees and customers.

Steritech’s free public health information brief gives you step-by-step guidelines on what food safety and operational steps you should take in your restaurantstore, or foodservice operation in the event of a sewage backup.


Why is a sewage backup a food safety issue?

Sewage water contaminants may include not only foodborne pathogens such as E. colinorovirushepatitis AShigella, etc. but also parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, chemicals and toxins. These contaminants can get into food or onto employees and customers and cause illnesses.

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