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Audit and assessment programs

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Assessment programs

Measuring and improving on the food safety and operational practices that impact your customer experience is what keeps your customers coming back. With a Steritech assessment program, you can mitigate your risks and drive store sales.

As a pioneer in the food safety auditing industry, Steritech has been innovating and developing comprehensive food safety auditing programs for our customers since 1996.

Steritech's assessments are conducted by industry and brand experts that specialize in building partnerships with your teams to drive improvement.

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What makes Steritech different

Unlike traditional audits which allow operations to plateau and stagnate, Steritech's assessment programs evolve over time with your operations as your locations improve in adoption and compliance.

Discover a few of the reasons why brands partner with Steritech for auditing and assessment services below.

  • Auditor competency - It's simple, Steritech believes in providing an assessment program that helps our customers improve. To do that, we employ people that have foodservice and operational backgrounds, giving them the knowledge and experience needed to understand the challenges your locations face.

  • Unique insights - Steritech conducts more than 200,000 assessments a year, giving us unique insights into what industry best practices are moving the needle. As a Steritech customer, you enjoy an impactful assessment program coupled with the analytics and insights you need to make valuable business decisions that can move your organization forward.

  • Breakthrough technology - Our customers have instant access to the data they need with OnBrand360® - Steritech's proprietary breakthrough technology platform. The intuitive assessment technology and reporting platform makes it easy to perform corrective actions, create reports and harvest meaningful data insights.

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