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Grocery and convenience store brand assessments

The foremost concern of today's grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores is delivering an excellent, consistent consumer experience. Making sure your store is organized, well-stocked, sanitized, and safe is paramount. Whether it's grabbing their attention at the deli or bakery, their experience at the pump, how they progress through lines or their interactions at the counter, your customer’s experience at any one of your stores affects how your brand is perceived. An elevated shopping experience will increase revenue for your store and drive brand loyalty, bringing customers back to your store again and again.

Steritech can help you drive traffic and increase the average ticket by delivering the ultimate customer experience for your brand. Whether it’s operational excellence best practices, food safety standards or workplace safety protocols, our expert Specialists have all of the tools to help you deliver your ideal brand experience. In this industry, convenience is key. That is why we offer a portfolio of services designed to create a frictionless experience in your grocery or convenience store.

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Our services for grocery and convenience stores

The following are just a few of the services Steritech recommends for grocery and convenience stores. For a complete list of our services, click here.

Maximize operational performance and deliver on your brand experience at every location. We assess staff to customer hospitality, your store’s inventory and merchandising, the cleanliness of your building and more.

Increase sales, reduce risk, and build an organizational culture where food safety is paramount. Assessments are conducted by our expert Specialists, coaching your staff and driving continuous improvement at every location.

Our team of experts provide a 360-degree view of your facilities, documenting your physical structure, equipment, signage, and essential brand elements to ensure an optimal brand experience.

Realize your true brand experience through our discreet onsite and off-premise assessments, providing you with the insights and actions needed to enhance guest experience.

Slash your facilities team’s travel and labor costs up to 70% by leveraging our calibrated specialists to ensure physical structures, equipment, and assets are meeting your brand and customer expectations.

From productivity to the quality of services to brand image, an unsafe workplace can threaten every aspect of your business. Our Workplace Safety Assessments can help you identify overlooked hazards and standardize essential safety practices that attract and retain top talent.


OnBrand360® allows operators to not only capture data, but to use it effectively to help identify the root cause of issues and implement fixes. Operators can see how different functional areas are performing, whether its by comparing departments at a single location or that specific department across every location. Most importantly, it protects your proprietary data and is highly secure, only allowing designated users to access information.

Learn more about Steritech’s OnBrand360® Performance Packages here.

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